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Sliding Windows

You, surely, have your reasons for deciding to get sliding windows in Ajax, Ontario! Are there some space limitations at home? Or, you just love the convenience of slide windows?

Let us ask you this too: is that a new sliding windows installation project in Ajax? Or time to have an old or damaged slide window replaced?

On all occasions, place your call to Custom Windows & Doors Ajax. You see, slide windows make our specialty. Patio doors too. Whatever you need, whichever project you are planning, whether this is an urgent request or not, turn to us. You get quality & expertise, impeccable results, top customer service without waiting, without emptying your pocket. So, are we talking about the replacement of a sliding patio, windows installation from scratch?

Masters of sliding windows, Ajax replacement & installation services

Sliding Windows Ajax

What’s the point of taking risks with the old in Ajax sliding windows? The role of windows is to protect. To allow you to air the house. To make the home beautiful. To insulate. If yours fails to do all that – or most of these things, why wait? Let’s talk replacement options. Ready?

Then again, you may plan the installation of sliding windows at a new home. Or for the first time. Here’s the great news. In spite of the project, you can turn to our company to get solutions.

  •          Sliding windows with double/triple glazing
  •          Vinyl, wood, aluminum sliding windows
  •          High energy efficient slide windows
  •          Slide windows with frames at many colors
  •          Big and small sizes, great designs, lock options

Why choose a sliding window or patio door, in the first place?

The advantage of sliding windows is the way they operate. They don’t occupy space since they slide and don’t swing inwards or outwards. They provide big openings, allowing for better ventilation. And they permit great views outdoors. All the same, not all slide windows are made equal. That’s why our knowledge, devotion, and professionalism matter.

Why choose us? Because you get top sliding windows & installation

Our capacity to provide custom sliding windows, installation service whenever suitable for you, glazing choices, frame options – the customer care you so want, makes us the best team for such projects.

We understand that the noise isolation, the thermal barriers and insulation, the aesthetics, the function – all good things that come along with sliding windows depend on their properties. They depend on the quality of the window, the way it is constructed, its features. The skills of the sliding windows installer, too.

In order to get the best of everything, the characteristics you need and the window you like, we go all out for you, from the very beginning. As already said, one more parameter that makes a whole lot of difference is the installation of the new sliding windows in Ajax. Settle for nothing but the best at all levels by turning to us. Ready to chat?