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Patio Door Repair

What’s the reason for taking risks with patio door failures or damage? If you need patio door repair in Ajax, Ontario, make haste in contacting our company. The sooner you contact us the sooner a skilled pro will come out to fix the door.

What process should you follow to have the patio door repaired? Contact our team. Fill out the contact form and share the problem with us. Or, just call us. That’s all. This way, you can get a quote and answers to questions, and the patio door fixed shortly. So, why stand there and don’t get in touch with Custom Windows & Doors Ajax?

For patio door repair, Ajax techs respond quickly

Patio Door Repair Ajax

When you trust our team with the patio door repair, Ajax technicians are quickly sent out. Patio doors are exterior doors. They are high-risk doors. Even if the problem is trivial or there’s only some damage you want fixed, the sooner it’s serviced the better – for safety and security reasons alone. Of course, if we are talking about serious patio door problems, like when the patio door won’t close or lock or when the glass is broken, the response of the pros is even faster. Tell us if you need patio door repair, Ajax pros can quickly come out.

French, swing, and sliding patio doors are all fixed

Are you having trouble with sliding glass patio doors? Is this a swing patio door? Put your mind at ease. We have experience with all types of patio doors.

  •          Single panel swing patio doors
  •          Double panel swing patio doors
  •          Telescopic sliding patio doors
  •          Bypass patio sliding doors
  •          Accordion patio doors
  •          Bi-folding sliding patio glass doors
  •          French-style patio doors
  •          Pocket patio glass sliding doors

To put it simply, the type of patio doors makes no difference. As long as you are having a problem, our experienced patio door repair company will be at your service.

All patio door failures are addressed

What seems to be the problem? Is the patio door not closing all the way? Is the glass shattered? The home patio door repair pros come prepared to address failures of all sorts. They fix problems that often happen when the hinges get corroded, the tracks are misaligned, the rollers become damaged, or the lock is broken. Patio doors may fail to close, open, or lock. There might also be some door damage. Naturally, the patio door repair service includes anything needed to fix damage or malfunctions – from fixes to adjustments and replacements.

Let us repeat that patio door problems are all considered serious, even if they are not. So, there’s no point in waiting. If there’s a need for an Ajax patio door repair, hurry to contact our team.