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Door Installation

Want to enjoy beautiful internal doors for years? Want to rely on your front door without a doubt? Bring all door installation Ajax Ontario projects to us. All you have to do is send us a brief message. Or, simply call. At Custom Windows & Doors Ajax, we serve all local replacement and new installation projects. Most importantly, we serve well. Would you have it any other way?

Have you ever thought how important doors are? They are used often and serve many purposes, from security and privacy to noise & thermal insulation. Doesn’t it make sense to want the very best ones, especially if your project includes the installation of main entry doors? Doesn’t it make sense to expect not only resistant, high-quality house doors, installation masters as well? Let us make it happen for you.

How to get started with your door installation in Ajax

Door Installation Ajax

Set your mind at ease. Whether you seek experts in internal or external door installation in Ajax, our company has got you fully covered. Everything starts with you showing an interest in such a project. You make contact with us, saying if you want new doors installed or some existing doors replaced. Simply put, you can count on us for both replacement and new door installation Ajax services.

What comes first when it comes to such projects? Measuring your space. Whether this is a patio, bathroom, or front door installation, the measurements show the right fit for your space. Of course, at this early stage, we want to know all things related to your project so that we can offer an estimate. So, what do you say? Should we start with your free estimate?

We take all steps needed for a tip-top door installation service

Assuming you trust our company with your home door installation project in Ajax, we proceed with details related to the service. We don’t offer door ideas and solutions at random. While the measurements show the way in terms of the size and the opening method, we also consider your home style, the structural requirements, your expectations in terms of maintenance and insulation, and so many more things. Only then will we be prepared to offer the best consultation, making your decision much easier.

When you rely on door installers, you don’t fear; you enjoy

Let us assure you that all doors are of the highest quality and yours will meet your requirements on all levels to the utmost. Naturally, the service is done by all local codes, with respect to the door’s specs, by considering all aspects. Expect nothing less when you turn to door installers with great experience and the commitment only true professionals bring to the job.

Stop worrying about such projects, whom to trust, what to choose, how to proceed and let us take over, roll up our sleeves and do all the hard work for you. It all starts with you making contact with our Ajax door installation team. We can’t wait to hear from you!