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Our ultimate goal as a window and doors installation Ajax ON company is to complete all projects in a stress-free way for the customer, always in the best manner. Let us assure you. We wouldn't settle for anything less than excellence. When it comes to door and window installation jobs, everything matters – the way the job is done, the quality of the products, the steps taken from the beginning. And you will be relieved to know that all jobs trusted in the hands of Custom Windows & Doors Ajax begin and finish with the utmost professionalism.
If you are interested in having some windows replaced, if you want internal or front door installation in Ajax, Ontario, let us know. We are the best choice for all such projects and about to tell you why.  

Your trusted team in Ajax, window & doors installation to meet all needs


Set your mind at ease by knowing that you can turn to our company whether you want replacement service or new window and door installation in Ajax. Breathe a sigh of relief by knowing that we undertake all projects at any property – small and big, challenging or not. Whether you remodel and want all windows and doors replaced, or this is a new construction, you can trust the project to us. Whether you want to replace the front door and get a solid one, or one of the windows due to damage, we are the team to call. Every time you need a window and door installer, make contact with us.

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The quality of the doors & windows matters, the skills of the installers matter more


By turning to us for window installation, Ajax residents should rest easy that we provide custom products of the finest quality. We do exactly the same if you want some interior doors replaced or need patio door installation.
The designs, the materials, the options among dimensions and styles are infinite for both windows and doors. And whether you want casement or hopper windows, French glass doors, sliding windows, patio doors, or pocket doors, you shouldn't worry. You get options, our help, durable materials, beautiful designs, energy efficient windows, great house doors, installation specialists in fitting all products. Never worry. Always call us. Don't you want to entrust your project to truly devoted window or door installers? 

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Long-lasting door & window installation services that exceed expectations

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A beautiful, strong, insulated front door won't mean a thing if the door installation, Ajax customers surely know, is not done impeccably. With us, you have no such worries. You won't find more experienced and committed door and window installers.
In fact, every little step required in such projects is taken with great care. After all, not all people have the same needs or the same taste. Even more importantly, not all buildings are the same. And so, we take into account all such things – even the smallest details, not only to offer the best, most suitable products but also to ensure your full satisfaction from the whole door and window installation service.
It'd be best if we talked. If we knew which project you want, which are your needs. Why don't you make contact with us and discuss your Ajax window and doors installation requirements?